Tumbled Crystal - Red Hematoid Quartz

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Red Hematoid Quartz is an excellent defensive crystal. It is very useful for transmuting negativity into light energy and helps with healing from psychic attacks. Using this quartz also removes tension from the body and aligns the root and crown chakras. 


Healing Properties: 

Hematoid Quartz can be used in the treatment of blood disorders, to balance the chakras, boost the immune system, stimulate healing, strengthen liver and kidney functions, and cleanse toxins.


Star Sign:

  • Scorpio


  • Root
  • Crown


  • Fire


How to use:

  • Hold them when you need a little bit of support or reassurance.
  • Use them as part of your meditation and/or yoga practice.
  • Pop one in your bra for all-day support (just remember to take it out before throwing it in the wash!)
  • Keep it in your wallet or purse - a good option for abundance crystals!



Crystal affirmation phrase:

“I am safe and supported. My angels are with me, guiding and protecting me with the light of the higher realms.”




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