Tumbled Crystal - Aura Quartz

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Aura Quartz is the Aura protector, building a shield around your Aura and providing inner peace, mental clarity, serenity and connecting you with higher frequencies. It brings joy, happiness and uplifting energies, being the perfect stone to aid those who are feeling emotionally unstable or distressed.

Healing Properties:

Stimulates action-taking and guides its wearer to what they truly love. This powerful crystal will help you reach your goals and provide a pathway to your dreams. Promotes peace, mental clarity, serenity, joy, happiness and uplifting energies. Brings emotional balance and stress relief.

Star Sign:

  • Aries


  • Crown


  • Air

How to use:

Place it as appropriate in your ambient or hold it in your hands.

Crystal affirmation phrase:

“I allow and embrace my connection with the divine.”



Product specification:


Size: 1-3cm (approximately)


Crystals are natural minerals, beautiful and unique in pattern. Therefore, two crystals will never look the same. Please, be aware that, as natural creations, their appearance can vary from the images, and they may contain tiny fissures or pits that are part of their formation. Our products are natural and/or handmade, making them exquisite and unique pieces, but you can trust that our team will always pick the best product for you!
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