Tumbled Crystal -Aragonite

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Aragonite is a reliable earth-healer and grounding stone. Attuned to the Earth Goddess, it encourages conservation and recycling. This stone transforms geopathic stress* and clears blocked ley lines even at a distance. With its ability to center and ground physical energies, it is useful in times of stress. Aragonite stabilizes the base and earth chakra, deepening the connection with the earth. It gently takes you back into childhood or beyond to explore the past.

Healing Properties: 

Aragonite warms the extremities, bringing energy through the body. It treats Reynaud's Disease and chills. It heals bones, aids calcium absorption, and restores elasticity to discs. It also ameliorates pain. Aragonite stops night twitches and muscle spasms.


Star Sign:

  • Capricorn


  • Root


  • Earth


How to use:

  • Hold them when you need a little bit of support or reassurance.
  • Use them as part of your meditation and/or yoga practice.
  • Pop one in your pocket for all-day support
  • Keep it in your wallet or purse - a good option for abundance crystals!



Crystal affirmation phrase:

“I create balance and harmony within myself as I go forward with the healing of my emotional body.”




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