String and Crystal Bracelet - Red Jasper

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This beautiful String and crystal bracelet of Red Jasper can either ground you or help you bring tranquillity to others.

How to use:

Crystal bracelets are beautiful, fashionable and one of the easiest ways to enjoy the benefits of your favourite gemstones, carrying them with you throughout the day. Wearing a crystal bracelet can bring many benefits, but did you know that it works differently depending on which side you use it?

Your left hand is your receiving hand, which deals with your internal self and also protects you from external influences. Wearing it on your right hand, which is your giving hand, will reflect on your actions towards others and influence what you give to others.

Red Jasper is known as the "supreme nurturer.'' It sustains and supports during times of stress, bringing tranquillity and wholeness. This crystal is often used in healing, as it unifies all aspects of your life. Red Jasper is a great stone to work and heal your Root and your Sacral Chakras, bringing a lot of grounding energies, rectifying unjust situations and bringing problems to light before they become a big deal. This stone provides insights into the most difficult situations, making it an excellent crystal for those who are trying to be more carefree and stop worrying about situations that are beyond their control. It cleans and stabilizes the Aura and strengthens your boundaries. 

Healing Properties:

Stress relief, Tranquillity, Calmness, Wholeness, Problem-solving, Grounding, Injustice, Dream recall, Worry, Health improvement, Detoxify Circulatory System, Detoxify the Blood, and Liver.

Star Sign:

  • Aries
  • Cancer


  • Root
  • Sacral


  • Earth

Crystal affirmation phrase:

“I am open to all that is around me and all that is within me.”

Pendant Size: 2 cm approximately 
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