Self-Love & Unconditional Love Kit

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Is it time for you to love yourself unconditionally? Are you ready to put the past behind you and start a new chapter in your life? Allow the power of nature to heal you. Self-Love & Unconditional Love Kit is a powerful set of natural stones specially selected for its ability to heal, awaken and empower. This kit includes Clear Quartz Point, Rose Quartz tumbled, Pink Opal Tumbled, Rhodochrosite, Pink Agate, Palo Santo and a Bracelet Rose Quartz 6mm. The spell will provide guidance and advice as you work through your self-love journey. It's time to let go of the old and embrace the new!

Inside this magic box, you will find:

• Compassion • Balance Yin-Yang
• Love • Emotional Healing
Clear Quartz point 
Rose quartz rough 
Pink Opal Tumbled 
Rhodonite Tumbled 
Pink agate Tumbled 
Palo Santo 
Bracelet Rose quartz 6mm