Macrame Crystal Pouch Necklace - Healing Bundle

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This gorgeous macrame crystal pouch necklace comes in a kit with 4 different stones with healing purpose, the stones are Rhodonite, Unakite, Dolomite and Lepidolite. Each stone is chosen to benefit a specific area of your life. Rhodonite aids in emotional healing and brings inner peace, Unakite is a stone of good fortune, Dolomite is for physical healing and Lepidolite is for spiritual growth. Add to that the beautiful handmade pouch and you have a new favourite for every day!

Alignment • Healing • Perseverance • Protection • Peace •  Soothing

This Kit comes with:

1 Macrame Crystal Pouch Necklace (Adjustable)
1 Rhodonite tumbled
1 Unakite tumbled
1 Dolomite tumbled
1 Lepidolite tumbled

Product Specification:   Macrame Crystal Pouch Necklace
Handmade with pure cotton
Approximately 20cm long with wooden adjustment beads.
Colour: Black
Crystal pouch approximately 5cm in length.