Inner Peace & Meditation Kit

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Inner Peace meditation kit is the perfect gift for someone you love. The kit includes a variety of different stones, including Selenite and Amethyst. Selenite is a purifying crystal, and the energy it brings will cleanse the aura. Amethyst is a stone that helps to balance emotions and provides for deep spiritual healing. Clear Quartz is known for its ability to amplify the feelings of unconditional love, joy, support and security. Rose Quartz enhances love by creating a tenderness and an appreciation for every small thing in life. Bracelet Amazonite helps with relaxation, bringing one into a state of peace. We also include an 8mm bracelet made from amazonite and chakra stones to help balance the energy of your body during meditation. Use this kit on a consistent basis to obtain the benefits!

Inside this magic box, you will find:

Powerful Healing •Spiritual
Meditation •Unblock energy
1 Selenite 
1 Amethyst Druse
1 Clear Quartz Tumbled 
1 Rose Quartz Rough
1 California White sage
1 Bracelet Amazonite 7 Chakras 8mm