Goddess Body Crystal

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Option - Rose Quartz

We are so excited to introduce Goddess Body Crystal, It is a beautiful statue made from crystal, It is a female power symbol bringing in the best energy to you, perfect for desk decor. It will come in 3 different stones: Rose Quartz, Howlite, and Black Obsidian. 

Rose Quartz It is a stone of unconditional love and is one of the most important stones for activating the heart chakra. It opens the heart to the love of the self, family, friends, and romantic love. Rose quartz carries soothing energy, which transmutes into feelings of empathy, forgiveness, and reconciliation. These feelings lower stress and tension in the heart.

Howlite It's a calming stone that promotes ambitions. Prepares the mind to receive wisdom. Teaches patience and absorbs anger.

Black Obsidian It is a powerful crystal for protection, helping to clear the build-up of psychic smog within your aura by acting as a psychic vacuum cleaner. It protects and cleanses your aura of disharmony, negative attachments, old patterns, and negative emotions, helping to unearth growth.

Product specification:

Weight:  120g (approximately)

Height:  8cm (approximately)

Note: The weight of the stone you choose may vary.