Essential Oil - Lemon 10ml

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Lemon Essential Oil - Zest for Life in Every Drop!

Reawaken your senses with the vibrant aroma of 100% pure Lemon Essential Oil. This invigorating elixir captures the essence of fresh, sun-ripened lemons and offers a burst of energy and numerous benefits for your body, mind, and home.


  1. Energy and Upliftment: Lemon oil is your secret weapon for an instant mood lift. The zesty, citrus scent awakens your senses, banishing fatigue and promoting a positive, energetic outlook.

  2. Immune System Support: Packed with natural antioxidants, Lemon essential oil can help strengthen your immune system. Diffuse it to cleanse the air or add a drop to your water to support overall well-being.

  3. Natural Cleaning Buddy: Lemon oil is a versatile and natural cleaning agent. Its powerful antibacterial properties make it perfect for DIY cleaning solutions, leaving your home sparkling and smelling fresh.

3 Ways to Use:

  1. Aromatherapy: Add 5-7 drops of Lemon essential oil to your diffuser to fill your space with an uplifting, clean aroma. This promotes a sense of clarity and freshness.

  2. Topical Application: Dilute 2-3 drops of Lemon essential oil with a carrier oil like almond or jojoba for a refreshing massage or to address skin concerns. This promotes skin vitality and rejuvenation.

  3. Cleaning Solutions: Create your natural all-purpose cleaner with Lemon oil:

    • Ingredients:
      • 10-15 drops of Lemon essential oil
      • 1 cup of white vinegar
      • 1 cup of water
      • A spray bottle
    • Directions:
      • Mix Lemon essential oil, white vinegar, and water in a spray bottle.
      • Use this solution to clean and sanitize surfaces throughout your home. It leaves a delightful lemony scent.

Lemon Love - Recipe Ideas:

  1. Energizing Body Scrub:

    • Ingredients:
      • 1/2 cup of sugar (white or brown)
      • 1/4 cup of Jojoba oil
      • 10-12 drops of Lemon essential oil
    • Directions:
      • Combine all the ingredients in a bowl to create a rejuvenating body scrub. Use in the shower to exfoliate and invigorate your skin.
  2. Mood-Boosting Inhaler:

    • Ingredients:
      • An empty inhaler tube
      • 5-7 drops of Lemon essential oil
      • Cotton wick
    • Directions:
      • Place the cotton wick in the inhaler tube and add the Lemon essential oil.
      • Inhale the refreshing scent whenever you need an energy boost or mood enhancement.
  3. Clarifying Skin Serum:

    • Ingredients:
      • 1 oz of Almond oil
      • 5-7 drops of Lemon essential oil
    • Directions:
      • Mix Lemon essential oil with Almond oil to create a gentle, clarifying serum for your skin. Apply a small amount to your face for a fresh and radiant complexion.
Product specification:

Size: 10 ml


Warnings: Keep out of reach of children. Not to be taken.
Application to the skin may increase sensitivity to sunlight.
If symptoms persist consult your healthcare practitioner.
Ingredients: Eucalyptus oil(Eucalyptus radiata)


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