Crystal Sphere Small - Selenite

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Crystal spheres are powerful conductors of energy. They are also the perfect shape and the shape of our mother Earth. It's an excellent tool to open the 3rd eye chakra and increase intuition and clairvoyance. Also the Crystal Sphere is a beautiful, hand-crafted, and polished crystal sphere that will make your home feel more grounded and balanced.

Selenite is the crystal that carries the finest vibrations, bringing clarity to the mind, aiding in receiving higher guidance. This crystal brings deep peace, aids meditation and the development of spiritual work. It assists in judgement and insights, clear mental confusion, helps in seeing the deeper picture, bringing a conscious understanding of what has been occurring at the subconscious level, dispersing and stabilizing erratic emotions.


Product specification:

Weight: 0,87 Kg (approximately)

Height:  4 cm (approximately)