Crystal Point - Titanium Rainbow Aura Quartz

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Crystal Points can focus energy tightly through their tip and are very powerful crystals. They are excellent healing tools and can even charge your energy centres or other crystals with their energy and benefits. Boost cleansing energies with this Titanium Rainbow Aura Quartz Point.

Titanium Rainbow Aura Quartz, formed by titanium and a blend of other metals bonded with pure Quartz. It activates all the energy centres in the body, clearing the path for the life force to manifest through the various bodies, bringing vibrant energy and zest for life.

Healing Properties:

Aids in harmonizing dysfunctional relationships, release negative emotions, heals resentment and grief. This crystal brings deep insight into relationships at all levels. Aids in releasing karmic ties.

Star Sign:

  • Aquarius


  • Crown
  • Throat


  • Water

How to use:

Place it as appropriate in your ambient or hold it in your hands, pointing to your chakras.

Crystal affirmation phrase:

“I am ready to manifest harmony in my relationships!”

Product specification:

Small: 7-8 cm (55g Approximately)

Medium: 8- 9 cm (85g Approximately)

Large: 9-10 cm (120g Approximately)



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