Crystal Point - Chevron Amethyst

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A crystal point is one of the most versatile and beneficial energy tools a person can own. Whether you want to clear your mind, focus on your intentions, or just feel more balanced, a crystal point is the perfect ally for when you need to bring energy into your life.

Chevron amethyst is a powerful combination between quartz and amethyst. Quartz is a crystal that helps to amplify energy, improving clarity. Amethyst is a particularly known for its stress relieving properties, decreasing one's resistance to the path of self-discovery.

When you need a strong, empowered stone for your higher chakras, look no further than Chevron Amethyst. This is perfect for the third eye and crown chakras, where it will heighten your intuition and spirituality. It also helps to open up creativity, so you can see clearer. What are you waiting for?

Crystal affirmation phrase: 
“I use the experiences from the lessons I have learned to improve myself. I've earned my stripes.”


Product specification:

Weight:  250g (approximately)

Height:  12-13cm (approximately)