7 Chakras - Crystal Healing - Reiki Kit

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The 7 Chakras Crystal Healing and Reiki Kit is perfect for everyone. Inside this magic box, you will find a Clear Quartz tumbled, Amethyst Tumbled, Sodalite Tumbled, Aventurine Tumbled, Citrine Tumbled, Carnelian Tumbled, Red Jasper Tumbled, Black Tourmaline Tumbled.
We have selected the best range of products in this beautiful kit for Crystals Healing and Reiki sessions. These crystals are believed to help access and strengthen the 7 chakras - the energy center in the body which are aligned to your physical and emotional well-being. 

Inside this magic box, you will find 

Powerful Healing • Spiritual
Meditation • Unblock energy
• Dreams • Healing 
1 Clear Quartz Tumbled
1 Amethyst Tumbled 
1 Sodalite Tumbled 
1 Aventurine Tumbled 
1 Citrine Tumbled 
1 Carnelian Tumbled 
1 Red Jasper Tumbled 
1 Black Tourmaline Tumbled 
1 Bracelet Howlite 7 Chakras 8mm