Our Story


Jacaranda Crystals is the result of three generations of strong and hardworking women, that were always connected with nature and their inner power, through Mother Earth and her natural creations.

It all started with the matriarch Lourdes, many years ago. Lourdes had a true fascination for natural healing and especially crystals. Throughout the years, she developed great in-depth knowledge about them and the many benefits that these magical stones could bring. In the beginning, she used to be a traveller, taking her market tentaround, going through many cities, until she found in Riberão Preto (Brazil) the perfect place to set ground. By that time, the city was quite small and didn’t have any street markets, so she went to the council and founded the first city street market, where she could develop her business, but also stimulate the birth of many other businesses, bringing growth to the community.


Lourdes had a daughter, named Ana. Raised under her influence, at a young age, Ana already had plans and skills to open her own business. She established herself in the fashion business, which also started as a little market tend, but expanded, becoming a shopping centre store and later on, a franchise with multiple stores all over Brazil. The key to Ana’s success was to always search for high-quality products, unique pieces of accessories that would bring happiness and self-confidence to women while developing her business under strict procedures and ethics.


Hi, I’m Pamela! I am Ana’s daughter, and we now arrive at the third generation of this tale.
I grew up among crystals, learning about them and experiencing their power and their healing energy. I’ve been using natural healing in my life since I can remember and for me, crystals and oils are not only beautiful gifts that Mother Nature give us but also tools to achieve personal growth, develop our spirituality and heal our bodies. I believe that when we embrace the oneness of mankind, the Earth and the Universe, connecting our energies, we can achieve the unimaginable. I invite you to take part in this journey of self-knowledge, self-love and good energy with us. 
Jacaranda Crystal’s mission is to bring light to natural healing, serving our customers with love and care, through our beautiful, natural and handmade selection of high-quality products and with our knowledge and guidance on crystals and natural healing. Our selected products will bring the best energies and happiness to you, or to your beloved ones.