Unconditional love Spell Kit

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If you are feeling disconnected from your self-love or lost in the world, this spell kit will help you reconnect with who you are. The Unconditional Love Spell Kit comes with a Palo Santo stick to cleanse your aura, Aventurine for abundance and protection, Rose Quartz for healing and love, Sodalite for grounding and spirituality, Rhodochrosite for peace and calming and Pink Opal for self-love. With these powerful crystals, herbs, and incense, you'll find all of the help you need to start your journey to unconditional love.

Inside this spell box, you will find 

•Compassion •Balance Yin-Yang
•Love •Emotional Healing
1 Palo Santo
1 Aventurine tumbled 
1 Rose Quartz tumbled 
1 Sodalite 
1 Rhodochrosite
 1 Pink Opal  

1 Little pot: Himalayan Salt

1 Little pot: Rose

1 Candle 

1 Spell Manual