Crystal Generator - Tiger's Eye

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Generator Crystals Points, as their name indicates, generate very strong and powerful energies, enhancing the properties of the crystal they are made of. They amplify and project their energies and our intentions out into the Universe or to wherever it is pointing to. This makes them excellent crystals to use for the central stone in any Crystal Grid since they bring power and energy to any room.

Let your Kundalini energy rise, with the powerful and protective Tiger’s Eye stone. This crystal shows the correct use of power and brings out integrity, assists in accomplishing goals, recognising inner resources and promotes clarity of intention. It is a gemstone for those who need to manifest will and anchor changes, bringing clarity between what you want and what you really need and good luck.

 Courage • Clarity • Strength • Self-Worth


Product specification:

Weight: 0,743 Kg (approximately)

Height: 12 cm (approximately)

Width: 6 cm (approximately)