Prosperity Spell Kit

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The Prosperity Spell Kit is a combination of powerful ingredients from nature to enhance prosperity. Our Prosperity Spell Kit includes Palo Santo, Aventurine, Labradorite, Goldstone and Tiger Eye that have been tumbled into protective stones. These stones will enhance the energy of any space and increase the vibrations to provide a sense of well-being. The Prosperity Spell Kit also includes Citrine tumbled stones to help manifest money and abundance in your life. Place our Prosperity Spell Kit on your desk or in a corner to amplify the power and increase the effects of each stone.

Inside this spell box, you will find 

•Success •Abundance
•Personal Power •Happiness
1 Palo Santo
1 Citrine tumbled 
1 Aventurine tumbled 
1 Labradorite tumbled 
1 Goldstone tumbled 
1 Tiger Eye tumbled 

1 Little pot: Himalayan

1 Salt Little pot: Cinnamon powder

1 Candle 

1 Spell Manual