Crystal Point - Citrine

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A crystal point is one of the most versatile and beneficial energy tools a person can own. Whether you want to clear your mind, focus on your intentions, or just feel more balanced, a crystal point is the perfect ally for when you need to bring energy into your life.

Citrine is a natural stone, it's a powerful stone because it carries the power of the sun. It is warming, energising, and highly beneficial for creativity and inner power. This gemstone brings abundance and manifestation to its wearer and attracts prosperity, success, joy, self-esteem, self-confidence and It is particularly good for overcoming depression, fears and phobias, promoting inner calm so that wisdom can emerge. Shine bright like the sun!

•Success •Abundance
•Personal Power •Happiness

Crystal affirmation phrase:

“My life is filled with positivity and abundance!”

Product specification:

Weight:  110g (approximately)

Height:  8cm (approximately)