Purpose Spell Kit

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Purpose Spell Kit is a box of sacred objects that helps you find your purpose in life. Our kit includes Palo Santo, Clear Quartz tumbled, Amethyst tumbled, Rose Quartz tumbled, Labradorite tumbled, and Amazonite tumbled. The kit is designed to be used over time and includes a grounding cord and instructions for use. Create your own spell or use one that we've created for you. The kit is for anyone who's ready to move on from the past and start living their life with purpose and meaning. It's never too late to find the inner strength inside you waiting to be unleashed.

Inside this spell box, you will find 

Spiritual • Unblock energy • Calming • Truth 
1 Palo Santo 
1 Clear Quartz tumbled 
1 Amethyst tumbled 
1 Rose Quartz tumbled 
1 Labradorite tumbled 
1 Amazonite 

Little pot: Himalayan Salt

Little pot: Lavender herb


Spell Manual